Corriere Viaggi @RCS Media Group

Pubblicato il 27 agosto 2013

CMS Development, MS Bing and Google Maps geo localization integration.
Used Tecnologies:
- Java
- Struts 2 (with Rest Plugin)
- Freemarker
- iBatis (SQL)
- jQuery
- Bing Maps (first)
- Google Maps (@ review)

Gazzetta Community @RCS Media Group

Pubblicato il 30 maggio 2007

Next Step on MediaCenter was to integrate it with User Generated Contents: videos and photos.
The project was very heavy and we was no mouch time to go live, but wi did it!

I loved the way our team was capable of doing the impossible.

MediaCenter Administration Tool @RCS Media Group

Pubblicato il 01 novembre 2006

Since the MediaCenter was a very critical project on RCS, because of the attention on videos by the users, the company heavy invested on it and asked me to build a lightweight CMS tool to give to thear external partners on football stadiums, the possibility to publish videos at the end of the match.

Canale Milano @RCS Media Group

Pubblicato il 01 ottobre 2006

The goal was to create a web application to handle Milano events, moderate User Generated Contents, create events around the city and provides a complete support to the drafting.
In 2 working weeks, using Java, Struts 1, Hibernate and a lot of stuff.

MediaCenter @RCS Media Group

Pubblicato il 01 maggio 2005

Now called Corriere TV and Gazzetta TV, was a web application used to display Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello sport's videos.

Critical project designed to improove ADV performance.

The web site was completelly customizable and skinnable and it was integrated to the internal CMS, using XML.

Dasiweb @Sweet Engineering

Pubblicato il 01 maggio 2003

Our customer decided to give to Hospitals and nursing homes a web application to register patients and exames, download the medical reports and print barcode labels designed to tubes.
This was my first J2EE experience, I worked with success with engineers and doctors and the project is still running today, after 10 years in many hospitals, here in Italy.

Software restyling @Sweet Engineering

Pubblicato il 10 settembre 2002

My first job in a software house concern the UI design of an existing application.
The function was to build about a thousand icons 16x16 px, before to start to write one line of code.
It was a little bit hard to me but I had the opportunity to deep understand that a quality software needs a very big investment on design.

Delphi programmer @Elettrodata

Pubblicato il 30 ottobre 2001

The company had the need of a new shipment software to integrate Bartolini courier.
Everything was quite new to me.
What I had was an heavy Integration Manual written by the courier, a Zebra printer and an email written by my boss, that was explaining the software they need.
I did the DB Analysis, a printer communication library, a bar code generation tool, a shipment back office tool, an integration with billing software and a nightly export to the courier.

PC Customization @ Ingram Micro

Pubblicato il 30 luglio 1998

I was young and I had the need to earn some money to go holidays with my friends.
That summer Ingram Micro acquired a new big order and hired me for July, to customize HP PC orders.
It was not a strategic or creativity project, but it was My First Real Job and I was so excited about it, i learned to work in a team, on a big company.
Each fellow was kind to me, because i was young and full of passion for any kind i've done.