CISCO Admin Plane

No-DB Administration Tool used to control docker instances of DWDM ROADM / OLA / DGE Network.

Each Network Element needs a management software called CISCO SVO. The Admin Plane is a server application installed on a linux board, that instantiate and controls each of this CISCO SVO instances.

The Admin Plane application, is made by two distinct components: Server Application based on Java + Spring framework that provides a pure HTTP RESTful Web Service, controlled by a Web UI written with REACT.

This is a component of CISCO GACRUX Project

January 2018 / Now
Contractor for the Software Engineering dept
CISCO System Inc. 
Client Sector
Industry, DWDM, Networking, Infrastructure
Practices & Tools


  • Java 8

  • Maven

  • Spring Boot with Spring REST Webservices

  • Spring Security

  • Docker.

Javascript Single Application Frontend (UI):

  • NodeJS (Build)

  • React

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Twitter Bootstrap