Management Application, used to control CISCO NCS2K ROADM / OLA / DGE series of DWDM multichassis Network Elements, through Netconf Yang Protocol.

The application collects and stores data from a set of physical NCS2K devices, into TAIL-F NSO, an existing middlewhare application, throught CORBA RPCs.

NSO exposes data and APIs via HTTP/S, JSON RPC, REST , SSH and CLI to automated tools and real users.

A Javascript Web UI Application written in REACT consumes NSO JSON RPC APIs.

I partecipated in this project from scratch since the definition of the YANG Models, to the development of the WEB UI application in a global distributed team.

June – December 2017
IT Consultant in Software Engineering dept
CISCO System Inc.
Client Sector
Industry, DWDM, Networking, Infrastructure
Practices & Tools


  • Java 8

  • Ant

  • Spring

  • Netconf / Yang

  • Erlang

  • XML

Frontend (UI) - Javascript Single page application with:

  • NodeJS (Build)

  • JSONRpc

  • HTML5

  • SVG

  • CSS3

  • Twitter Bootstrap